What we do.

The girls' goals in the program: 

1) Empower Zambian girls to be gainfully employed.
2) Prepare Zambian girls for secondary education.
3) Train Zambian girls to be entrepreneurs. 
4) Spread love everywhere. 

How we do it.

We believe the success of the girls is built around these key paradigms:

1) Rely on local expertise and use local resources.

2) "Think outside the box" mentality.

3) Ensure donations go directly to the girls and their programs. 

Why Zambia? 

• Zambia has one of the highest rates of child marriage. Over 40% of women are married before age 18.

• Secondary education and steady incomes save girls from the sex trade.

• Over 40% of women ages 15-24 are illiterate.

• Over 1/3 of girls don't progress beyond elementary school due to pregnancy, illness or lack of funds.

We use local talent to identify girls that could directly benefit from the types of education, vocational training and entrepreneur classes that we have to offer. The program is typically one year long. 

Educated girls can lift their families — and their communities — out of poverty. Educated girls are healthier and they make more money, have fewer children, marry later and are more likely to contribute to the formal labor market than their peers who don’t have access to schooling. This gives them the chance to provide their own children with healthcare and educational opportunities that allow them to thrive.


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